Placement & Training

We consider the students, faculty, and staff here to be community members


Life of a Safety and Management Student means being an important part of a close knit campus community. We consider the students, faculty, and staff here to be community members because together we maintain a caring environment for living, learning, and working. You will share the same expectations, responsibilities, and privileges as other community members. An extraordinary amount of knowledge and wisdom will be gained from your experiences. It is very likely that never again, in your entire life, will it be so convenient and simple to meet and spend time with friends..Throughout your IFSM experience, the subject you will learn most about is YOU. Your choices and actions will lead to important lessons. And, every step of the way we will be here to inspire, challenge and support you. If you are ever in need of guidance or assistance speak with your academic advisor, or resident assistant, or contact a member of the Student Affairs staff.

Here  with our guidance the students get recognition as professional bodies for safety practitioners not only nationally but also all around the globe. Students from our institute have been the preferred affiliate by international bodies in the safety field. We have been seeing a membership growth ever since the time of the establishment of our esteemed institution. Our students are a preferred source of safety practitioners by employers. We are also positioned to influence the government legislation on safety matters as well as are positioning to influence occupational safety standards.

Our Placement Companies

Zasco has become a preferred destination for companies to hire quality students


Through our institute our students get an opportunity of industrial training. Site visits are a part of our curriculum and the students get an opportunity of onsite training like..

Companies like…………………………. have shown a keen interest in hiring our students from time to time and we have continuously received appraisals and positive feedbacks for the excellent performance of our students.